How Pre-Orders Work

How Pre-Orders Work

Preordering comics is annoying. I don't do it, and when I ask readers to do it, I feel like I'm asking them to call their grocer to make sure they want to have provolone cheese in 3 months. I'm teaming up with Escape Pod Comics to solve this problem. When you want a comic of mine, you just pre-order it with me. You pay for it when you pre-order it, and it's shipped out directly to you when it arrives in stores. No Diamond codes to memorize, no different forms to fill out.

Preorder is now just ordering. To make it worth your while, i'll include a quick pencil sketch and/or some random goodies along with it.


Why Pre-Order?

The Comic industry measures demand by how many comics are ordered by comic shops, and when customers purchase a comic, the comic shops are in effect, reselling the book to you. Books live and die by preorders, and if preorders drop, the book may be canceled. If you really want to support a comic, you have to know ahead of time which books you want to get behind, often three months in advance. I find this ridiculous, but nevertheless, it's what we got.

I've gotten tired of the whole process of telling fans and customers and new readers to do extra work just to read my comics. I always imagine that if every time I wanted to buy a book, I had to tell Barnes & Noble three months ahead of every time I may want to buy something, that I'd have pretty empty bookshelves.

I hate the tendency for creators to blame the reader for not preordering comics, instead of blaming an archaic system that makes a reader jump through hoops to buy a book they aren't even sure they want yet.
Often, more niche books that need time to find an audience are canceled before they can, due to low pre-orders. Don't let this happen (to me).

Why are all the books $1 more in price?

Most of my books are work for hire, to afford the time and effort of doing this personal service, I've added a small surcharge.

How much is shipping? 

We strongly recommend you purchase priority mail shipping for these books. Personally, I don't mind if my comics are creased or damaged, as long as they are readable, but for readers that do, we offer Priority Mail shipping which is insured and in a reinforced envelope. It fits up to 7 floppies or one trade paperback.

Why Escape Pod Comics?

I thought of doing this. I thought of Escape Pod Comics and Menachem was down, and now here you are pre-ordering comics.

They are located at 302 Main Street, Huntington NY 11743. Tel - 631.923.1044